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Řada výrobků Luxol se vyrábí v těchto odstínech: ( léto 2012 )

Odstíny: Luxol Bezbarvý, Luxol bílý, Luxol kaštan, Luxol ořech, Luxol palisandr, Luxol indický teak


Nejpužívanější odstín ze vzorníku odstínů je Luxol palisandr .

Luxol zeleň jedlová, Luxol pinie, Luxol lípa, Luxol oregonská pinie, Luxol mahagon, Luxol červená rumělková, Luxol eben

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Frosts rain worry grape growers here, as the rain falls on the vineyard and makes it difficult to cut, store and market. The state Agriculture Department announced in March 2015 that it will reduce production quotas for red grapes for at least 20 years, or until they are recovered and a recovery plan is put in place. That move is designed to help growers find more places to put the grapes.

There are three growers operating in Santa Cruz County: Alesana and Jim Cone, and Michael and Karen Pardo of Pardall Farms, both based in the Pardall vineyard, which is 1.1 miles east of the Valley.

Alesana Cone said red grapes from the Cone family are prized as a Christmas tree, and people buy them at farmers markets as gifts or at special price points set by the retailers' partners.

"So, when grape sales are down, we tend to get a bigger share of the sales," she said. "And when grape sales increase, we go out a bit more, or a bit less."

Jim Cone said the wineries typically take advantage of growing season and weather changes in order to grow the wine they sell, including when there is rain, and reduce prices by up to 25 percent when there is less than an inch or two of dry air on the grapes. The California Grape Council's Red Wine Market for Wineries is free and takes place from 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Cone said the grapes they harvest from Alesana and Jim Cone, on about 1-acre, will eventually be sold to another winery. So, for now, both vineyard's reds will be used by another winery.

The Cone brothers also harvest grapes from about 400 different growers on the county's northern edge. In addition to Alesana and Jim Cone, two other growers are involved in that venture: Chris LaFro's Redwood Valley winery in Petaluma, Calif., and Mike and Lori Kocher's Sonoma County winery in Sonoma County.

Both of the Cone brothers' grapes come from Redwood Valley's Cabrera vineyard.

"All of their winemakers are pretty proud of that one. They sell it on the vineyard — we give them a couple of years and then it's gone," Cone said.

Kocher said it's the wine that's important, though, because some people really like his wines, which come with a distinctive and delicate flavor.

LaFro, who also cultivates in Redwood Valley, said he has found that even if grape sales drop, he does not feel it's as bad as he might get from losing win

Knife found in waikerie murder weapon search Copyright by WISH - All rights reserved Video

GRACEVILLE, Indiana (WISH) -- Investigators say they have a new lead in the mystery of the murder weapon found in a rural area of southern Indiana where a man's knife was found.

Indiana State Police say that, while searching in that area for a "blade," someone found the same type of blade in a rural wooded area about 30 miles south of Indianapolis.

Investigators say someone used that blade to strangle someone. That knife was sent to Indianapolis Police Department where detectives checked with the Indiana State Police for evidence.

After examining that evidence and interviewing witnesses, the State Police say detectives were able to identify the person that used that blade as a 17-year-old from Indiana.

Indiana State Police released this image of the suspect they describe as a 17-year-old male between 20 and 25 years old, standing about 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing between 110 and 130 pounds. He was last seen wearing all black.

Authorities are offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this crime. Those wishing to remain anonymous may call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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